Diverse Inpainting and Editing with GAN Inversion

A novel method that inverts masked images into StyleGAN's latent space for diverse inpainting and editing.

  Authors:  Ahmet Burak Yildirim*, Hamza Pehlivan*, Bahri Batuhan Bilecen, Aysegul Dundar

ICCV 2023


Inst-Inpaint: Instructing to Remove Objects with Diffusion Models

A novel inpainting framework that can remove objects from images based on the instructions given as text prompts.

  Authors:  Ahmet Burak Yildirim, Vedat Baday, Erkut Erdem, Aykut Erdem, Aysegul Dundar

In Submission


AhBuNe Agent: Winner of the Eleventh International Automated Negotiating Agent Competition (ANAC 2020)

This paper presents a negotiation strategy on the partial preference profiles, which is utilized by the winner agent of ANAC 2020.

  Authors:  Ahmet Burak Yildirim, Nezih Sunman, Reyhan Aydoğan

IJCAI 2022